When We Say Safe, We Mean It

As we move forward, the world is seeing an ever increasing number of antibiotics resistant bacterial infections as well as untreatable viral infections. The Coronavirus pandemic has shed more light on this issue. Ark by its very name indicates protection, and thus, we aim to provide an exhaustive suite of disinfection, sterilisation and sanitisation services that are designed to protect you and the ones around you from the unseen and often overlooked perils of microbial infections at home, at the workplace or at other communal areas like clinics/nursing homes, gyms, shops etc.

The Disinfection Process Four (4) stage disinfection process

Our Suraksha Kavach is a deep disinfection of your premises and is recommended to be carried out on a monthly or quarterly basis (depending upon usage)​


Cleaning and 
sterilization by using steam on high touch hard surfaces.


Spraying bio-degradable disinfectant on high touch hard surfaces offering long lasting


Cold Fogging bio-degradable disinfectant to cover every nook and corner of facility and room air.


Hot Fogging with extracts of naturally occurring substances having antimicrobial properties to cover every nook and corner of facility and room air.


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